7 Time Management Tips For Small Business Owners

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Are you a small business owner who is always late in meeting deadlines? Or are you the kind of business owner who does not have time for his family and always feels the pressure of doing more in less time. Then please keep on reading. Being self employed is really great but it also demands you become more organized. This article is going to cover the tips which would help you to manage your time in much better way so that you can become more efficient and therefore more productive.

Learn to say no: You should learn to say no to all unnecessary business meetings or enquiries from customers who are not really interested in your services. Unnecessary business meetings and customer enquiries take too much time that could be saved if you start filtering them and ignoring the less important ones.

Make a list: Making list of tasks that you want to do in one day and to arranging them according to their importance and allocating a fixed amount of time to each task saves a lot of time that used to get wasted in thinking about which task to do after completion of any other task.

Set small goals: Day to day you should set smaller goals which are easily achievable instead of setting long term goals. For example, if you want to read a book having ten lessons, rather than setting your target to read the whole book in ten days, set a goal of one lesson a day. Reading one lesson a day has a better chance of being achieved than reading whole book in ten days.

Avoid wasting time on social media websites: We never notice but most of us use to waste lot of time checking emails, surfing social media sites, reading blogs etc. Set a fixed amount of time to read your emails, twitter, forums etc.

Complete task in one shot: Never leave the tasks without completing them. We have a habit of delaying tasks that are either tough or are not of our choice. But leaving them without completing them and resuming them again wastes your valuable time which you have to spend every time to make yourself ready to start the work exclusively for each specific task.

Use technology/outsource: Many free applications are available which can easily handle almost all kinds of business operations. You can use such applications or outsource your administrative tasks so that you can focus easily on creative ways to grow your business.

Be flexible: It is very common to face unpredicted situations where you have to give your attention to other activities which are not related to your business. For example: taking care of an ill family member or attending a family function. Try to keep your schedule flexible so that you can easily adjust to such things without sacrificing already scheduled tasks.

Rudo Barr is working as an internet marketing executive for Fortepromo which creates high quality promotional products that help companies to promote their brands. 


Time management tips January 18, 2010 at 6:07 AM  

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