Commercial Real Estate Success - The First Step

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"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials." -- Chinese Proverb

One of the things to help you reach your commercial real estate and your wealth goals in the next year is really decide which track is best for you at your current place in your "investment life."

I have a lot of investors contact me with the same question, especially in recent months...

"How do I get into some great commercial real estate properties that will start building my wealth ASAP?"...Or something to that effect.

First, decide what your track is. What do I mean by track? I mean deciding how to proceed based on where you are AND what your expectations are.

Be realistic with this and schedule some time to work on planning for your wealth goals this year. If you are reading this article, I can guarantee you have heard 1,000 times to write down your goals. But I would make another suggestion that is critical to your success - write down what you DO NOT WANT from your investment business.

For example, on my list I have the following items:

I do not want a large amount of unnecessary overhead expenses.
I do not want to be a "hands on" landlord.
I do not want to be involved in the day-to-day property management operations.
I do not want a large number of employees.

You get the picture. What you will find is identifying what you DO NOT WANT is just as important as identifying the goals you want to achieve.

The reason this is so critical is if you choose a wealth goal that violates one of your "DO NOT WANT" list items, you will not achieve it. Many investors fall prey to what I would call 'other people's goals" - whether those be of a spouse, business partner, or friend. I have even seen very experienced investors make this mistake.

Make sure you include these items in your planning:

1. Make a list of "DO NOT WANT" items for your commercial real estate business.
2. Make sure your "WANT" list does not violate these rules.

This is one of the best way to get to your goals, faster. No question about it. So, decide where you really want to be and GET SERIOUS about accomplishing all you can in THIS YEAR. Remember, if you are not where you want to be at this point you have no one to blame other than yourself.

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