It IS Time to Buy Commercial Real Estate

Found this on a and it mirrors what I'm starting to hear in the market and what I've been screaming from the roof-tops:

Investors have to do something with their money: You can buy in to the investment grade bond market and earn a whopping 3.75%, or you can buy NNN leased, credit tenant real estate and more than double your return. As Bill Gross of PIMCO points out as a cost of capital sitting on the sidelines: “an effective zero percent interest rate, as a price for hiding in a foxhole, is prohibitive.” In 2010, buyers will exit the payless funds earning close to 0% in search of manageable risk. Quality commercial real estate will receive considerable attention in this context.

Because problems with debt structure will motivate a large number of sales, pricing will remain in flux in the next year. As a result, headline measures of cap rates will fail as indicators of the underlying variation in property trades. Rather, buyers and sellers alike will be depending on their Advisor’s knowledge of the market and of the emerging mechanisms of exchange – such as auctions – to guide their investment strategy. Investors with strong operational capabilities who are seeking to acquire assets over the next year are in an ideal position. This group will be able to purchase assets during a period of dislocation, before asset prices normalize and while long-term yields are at the their peak.
What do you think? Would you rather sit back and 'enjoy' 2-3% returns when you know that inflation will eat up most of your buying power over the next several years, or get into a solid commercial real estate investment where you should be able to crank out at least 7% for the forseeable future?  Sounds like a simple choice to me.

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