HST Has Builders Sprinting

HST has builders sprinting - Yourhome.ca

"We've had a lot of customers sitting on the fence, but because of the tax they're much more willing to seal the deal," says Bazely, owner of Barrie-based Gregor Homes and president of the Ontario Home Builders' Association.

"We've ramped up production so we can close on our homes before the HST takes effect next year."

Bazely says he recently talked to his trades and suppliers to ensure they are ready for winter.

"Every week we lose, we get closer to that July deadline."

The new tax, which combines the PST and the GST, will have an impact on homes worth more than $400,000.

It would add, for example, $6,000 on a $500,000 home – enough money to upgrade to a better kitchen or floors, and a good incentive to close early for many consumers.

A $1 million dollar home gets hit with $36,000 in extra taxes.

An EXTRA $6,0000 on a $500,000 new home! Incredible! How in the world can anyone say that this is good for the economy?

In the GTA a $500,000 new home is not out of the ordinary. The Province will be cashing in on the backs of hardworking Ontarians and our fragile economic recovery is likely to take a serious hit when this ill planned and ill conceived new tax hits the road next year. How can they stick to the story that the average person will only see an increase of $79 per year in spending as a result of this new tax? Do they honestly think we're that stupid?! I hope everyone remembers this when it comes to election time.

McGuinty and his band of *insert expletive here* need to go!


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