Pessimism is Probably Good News for the Commercial Real Estate Business

Bad News is Good News article from

Anyone who reads this blog regularly is probably getting sick of hearing me say this, but here I go again: When everyone else is selling, you should be buying. When everyone else is in a state of immobility, especially after a major market shock like we've just seen, you should be buying. Those who get back in the game now will look like geniuses in 18-24 months.

From the article linked above:

"Predicting a bottom is a fool’s errand but it would be equally foolish not to watch for signs of recovery. Hidden and overshadowed by all the bad news in the report is the fact that sales actually picked up over the last 3 months. Transaction volume showed a nice increase in the 2nd quarter, the first such up-tick in nearly 14 months.

I don’t know when the turn around will happen, but I do know that a predominantly bearish sentiment is a bullish indicator and that just because something is counterintuitive doesn’t mean it’s wrong."
Let's get back in the game before we catch ourselves standing on the sidelines wondering what the heck happened while the smart money laughs all the way to real estate fortunes heretofore unknown!


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