"Numb3rs" Real Estate Valuation Explained

Just saw an episode of Numb3rs from Season 4 (Number 11, I think, "Breaking Point"). It dealt with an investigative reporter who went missing. She had uncovered a shady real estate developer who had been undervaluing properties in a poorer neighbourhood where he was planning to build a mixed use retail and condominium project. The reporter, Bonnie, was going to break the case on the evening news and the developer had her kidnapped until a zoning board vote passed that would allow his project to move forward unopposed.

Sounds familiar...well without the kidnapping and the criminal minds etc., etc. of course.

As part of finding the bad guy, as he does every week, Charlie Eppes uses mathematics to crack the case. In the process he gives a fair explanation of how real estate values are affected by neighbouring properties. Actually, it's better than fair, it's great! If you get a chance to watch the episode, it was very well done with some impressive character development that is sometimes lacking on the show.

To hear the clip with Charlie's explanation, listen here. Enjoy!


Greg Harris,  August 3, 2009 at 12:50 PM  

Very Cool! That's a very good way of explaining it in layman's terms.

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