Why Peterborough Retail Rents Are Cheap!

via MSN Money: The world's most expensive shopping districts.

According to real estate advisor Cushman & Wakefield, it costs an average of $300 USD per square foot to set up shop along Bloor, the street that stretches through the heart of the city.
Often, when asked about retail rents in Peterborough, we're surprised when the reaction we get is one of disbelief, "You get how much?" As if $16-22 per foot for new retail space in Peterborough, Ontario is some kind of out of this world number that can't possibly be correct.

You haven't seen anything yet!

Check out some of these statistics as gathered by Cushman & Wakefield in their Main Streets Across the World Report (registration required, but free):

$300 - Bloor Street West, Toronto
$110 - Queen Street West, Toronto
$200 - St. Catherine West, Montreal
$50 - Sussex Drive, Ottawa
$50 - 17th Avenue SW, Calgary
$210 - Robson Street, Vancouver

Still think $16 is expensive?

Now, I know that the naysayers among you will cry, "But there's a heckuva lot more money passing through the doors along Bloor West, than Peterborough!" And to a point, I'd agree. There is more money passing through the tills on Bloor Street - but enough to justify a rental rate increase of 1,838%?! Are the retailers selling 1,838% more per foot? I think not. (Note: If anyone can find some research on sales per foot in Toronto vs. Peterborough, I'd love to see it.)

Retail spending in Peterborough, on a per capita basis, has averaged over 16% higher than the provincial average for the last 6 years according to the most recent GPAEDC Community Profile.

Construction costs are lower in Peterborough, but only slightly. Using rsmeans.com Quick Cost Estimator, I found that a 10,000 foot retail store would cost about $132 per foot to build in Peterborough versus $139 per foot in Toronto - only a 5% difference that doesn't come close to making up the difference in lease rates.

Land is far cheaper in Peterborough though, and this does go a long way to making retail space much more cost effective both for tenants and landlords. But that's not my point...

My point...

Peterborough, like a lot of other mid sized towns around Ontario, is a bargain!

Regardless of what it costs to buy land and build in a given community, from the retailers perspective, the sales forecast for each store on a 'dollars per square foot' scale should be the true measure of a retailers success in a given marketplace. All other expenses, including rent, come out of this top line revenue number. If a retailer can sell $500 worth of product in Peterborough and it only cost $210 to do so vs. $490 in Toronto - which is the better location?

Let me know if you need a little help with the math... :)


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