What makes a Commercial Real Estate Guru a Guru?

What Makes a CRE Guru? What Doesn't? | Sibdu - Commercial Real Estate Professional & Social Networking

This is a really good article on what it takes to be seen as an expert in your field. And what you should avoid doing if you don't want to be dismissed as just one of the crowd.

Common sense ideas like not calling yourself the expert or guru. Sounds too self serving to be genuine. Don't be obnoxious; should go without saying, but sadly there are those who need to be reminded.

If you want to be seen as the expert, you need to create conversations by building relationships. Commercial real estate is still a people business based on long term relationships where both parties bring value to the association. Be a life-long learner. Never, and I mean never, assume that you know all there is to know on a subject. Constantly look for new avenues to educate your self.

For myself, I'd add volunteering to the list. Volunteering on your local association is a great way to give back, but it's also a very good way to project an air of expertise. Your peers will give you a little more respect for stepping up to the plate and volunteering for the betterment of your industry and your clients will see you as the guru because you are actively involved in your trade association. You'll make a lot of great connections as a volunteer; I speak from experience. The more you volunteer, the busier your business will get.


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